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Irasshai!! Welcome!! You have stumbled upon Melody of Logic, the random site of the silly Tsu-chan, which offers a random assortment of content to YOU, the valued visitor and/or friend! What's mainly set for browsing and/or for your creative endeavors are selections of icons and artwork. However, there's more to this site with additional small graphics, interactives, and other random twists and turns - yup, it's JUST FOR YOU! Hope you enjoy your stay here! Feel free to explore and see what you can discover! :D Ah! But be sure to follow the rules and whatnot! Wouldn't want to get in trouble now would you? o-O

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(11-10-14) HELP! Need Suggestions for Free Hosting

Sooooo~ I am on fall break for a full week. I thought now would be a good chance to update the site due to the problems mentioned in the previous post. But unfortunately... I'm STILL having the same issues! Awardspace thinks that even my connection at home is unsafe and "non-private" as they claim. Now there's nothing else I can do on my account really. I think this is a problem at their end... Other hostees are having problems connecting to their accounts and accessing their files as well.

AND SO... I think it is time to move Melody of Logic elsewhere. I need suggestions. Does anyone have ideas on where one can be hosted at for free? I'm not in need of any personal domain. I'm perfectly fine with having a subdomain as I always have for the past several years. It's just frustrating how Awardspace worked perfectly for so long, only to cause problems now... I thank anyone for their suggestions!!! Also, for those who notified me about updating their site links, I apologize that I won't be able to until I get Melody of Logic settled to a different host. ( ;; - ;; )

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Posted on 10 Nov 2014 by Tsu-chan

(10-5-14) Trouble With Editing Files

Happy October everyone! :/ Well, I ran across a strange problem. A couple of days ago, I completed uploading my current artwork along with the screenshots I made for them to Photobucket. All was well until I decided to long into my webhosting account on AwardSpace. For some reason, the site says that the internet connection I have at student housing is not secure and that people could potentially steal info from my account. It still gave me the option to log in... but I can't edit any of my pages at all. AwardSpace sometimes has this weird glitch where if you click on the edit file icon for the page you want to edit, the page will refresh instead of letting you access the page. It happens every now and then and all I had to do was click the edit file icon again and then it'll let me through. This time though... it's not letting me through at all. It keeps refreshing. :/ Sooooo, I guess I need to find a place with "secure internet connection" as they want me to. I'm not sure if the school library internet connection will do? If not, then I might not be able to edit the pages that I need to for the updates I had in store for the site until I fly back home in early November for the fall quarter break. D: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh........ Internet is so complicated! Luckily, I can still access CuteNews to let everyone know about this... :'(

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Posted on 05 Oct 2014 by Tsu-chan

(9-7-14) _(:'3 J L)_ Still Alive... Sort of...

Okay, so I've been kind of dead this past month. I'll start by saying that I'm heading into the fourth week of pharmacy school.

So far, I'm okay with life over here even though there's really no other place like home. I met many people and everyone is super friendly. My roommate is a good person too so I never feel the need to worry about my sanity or well-being while she is here. She loves to socialize and I enjoy listening to her. The only problem is that she doesn't really catch my drift or responds to me whenever I speak or share a topic of my own. How to put this... Most people are able to add on to the witty things I say, if not laugh in response. My roommate remains silent and then switches topics. D': It kind of sucks when that happens. Oh well. *shrugs*

But in other news, I met this really friendly Vietnamese girl. She is extremely pretty and sincere all throughout. The other day, she asked if she could commission me to draw an anime version of her in the future. ( Q A Q ) You have no idea how happy I felt when I received that text message from her. I only showed her one finished drawing out of many. I repeat. One. Drawing. Out. Of. Many. And from that one drawing alone, she instantly wanted a commission. I say this because sometimes it could be a fluke if someone has only one good drawing while the rest might not be up to par for whatever reason; maybe they copied an official picture instead of making an original piece with their own skills. I don't know when she'll make the official commission, but I'm just happy she said she wanted to own at least one drawing from me.

Welp, as expected, this post will not have any specific updates. I should get cracking on uploading more art on here though. I have a huge backlog of art I can add for the next update! I hope everyone's been well. Right now, it's going to be busy. I have 3 exams this week. ( . ___ . )

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Posted on 07 Sep 2014 by Tsu-chan

(7-2-14) Summer Summer

June really flew by! I'm currently on summer break, but that won't last long. D': Pharmacy school starts in August. Nuuuuuuu! How's everyone's summer coming along?

It's been sort of busy on my end. My family planned all sorts of get-togethers and some of my friends wanted to hang out. I was still able to get a decent amount of drawing time in though.

But in other news, I am excited for the anime lineup this summer! :3 I watched the first episode of Free! Eternal Summer and it was adorableeeee~! It felt good watching all of the fun dorky characters again. Other than Free!, there's so many series I want to watch this summer!! It's a real surprise since I never found the summer lineup as appealing compared to fall and winter. Maybe 2 or 3 series on average, but this year, there's at least 9 series I want to keep track of! O_O;;; Holy jeebus indeed.


  • 2 Sword Art Online icons! Bases used were by the lovely Karen~! :3
  • I made a Happy 4th of July gift for everyone! :3 You can see it above the updates as well as in the "Gifts For You" page. I will, of course, go around my affies and deliver it to them through their tagboards/comments.
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Posted on 02 Jul 2014 by Tsu-chan
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