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Irasshai!! Welcome!! You have stumbled upon Melody of Logic, the random site of the silly Tsu-chan, which offers a random assortment of content to YOU, the valued visitor and/or friend! What's mainly set for browsing and/or for your creative endeavors are selections of icons and artwork. However, there's more to this site with additional small graphics, interactives, and other random twists and turns - yup, it's JUST FOR YOU! Hope you enjoy your stay here! Feel free to explore and see what you can discover! :D Ah! But be sure to follow the rules and whatnot! Wouldn't want to get in trouble now would you? o-O

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(7-2-14) Summer Summer

June really flew by! I'm currently on summer break, but that won't last long. D': Pharmacy school starts in August. Nuuuuuuu! How's everyone's summer coming along?

It's been sort of busy on my end. My family planned all sorts of get-togethers and some of my friends wanted to hang out. I was still able to get a decent amount of drawing time in though.

But in other news, I am excited for the anime lineup this summer! :3 I watched the first episode of Free! Eternal Summer and it was adorableeeee~! It felt good watching all of the fun dorky characters again. Other than Free!, there's so many series I want to watch this summer!! It's a real surprise since I never found the summer lineup as appealing compared to fall and winter. Maybe 2 or 3 series on average, but this year, there's at least 9 series I want to keep track of! O_O;;; Holy jeebus indeed.


  • 2 Sword Art Online icons! Bases used were by the lovely Karen~! :3
  • I made a Happy 4th of July gift for everyone! :3 You can see it above the updates as well as in the "Gifts For You" page. I will, of course, go around my affies and deliver it to them through their tagboards/comments.
1 hamsters commented
Posted on 02 Jul 2014 by Tsu-chan
by Jong @ 06 Jul 2014 01:58 am
Indeed June flew by really fast XD. Other than school, been watching No game no life and SAO season 2 (just seen it today). Isn't your pharmacy school out of CA? well wherever you are, good luck to you.
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